Get Your Cool Vectors on Veectezy

Here is a new freebie site that will definitely capture your designing preference. I found this site months ago and fell in love with its promising freebies. They have an array of unique designs called vectors which you can find very useful in designing your blogs.


If you are looking for a good backgrounds for your blog, Vecteezy is surely one of the best place to look for. It has a wide range of themes to choose from. Although, the site is still new yet it already have a pool of artist that constantly sharing their artworks. Vecteezy is a home for all web designers who want to show their created vectors online. Here, many artist gathered, sharing their works for everyone. Although all vectors can be freely downloaded, but their are some restrictions that every user should follow. It is made to protect the rights of every artist's creative rights. Well, they deserved the rights since their vectors were made to be enjoyed by everyone.

It's worth a try to take a peek on this one. There's no way you're not going to like Vecteezy as I do.

1) No registration to get started with Vecteezy.
2) Just remember to read the creative rigts assigned for every artworks.
3) Enjoy browsing and downloading your favorite vectors.


Anonymous said...

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whisper number said...

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