Splashup: Your Online Photoshop Alternative

Perhaps the biggest frustration I experienced on the process of web building was the designing. It took a lot of time planning and creating your background, layouts and other stuff that are somewhat related on designs. I must confess, Im not that good on designing myself and having no photo-editing program of my own, I just rely on other images that I could find online. There are times that I wish I have Adobe Photoshop,I know that having one may greatly improve my own designs. It took me years trying every site I could find that promised good performance from their programs. Some are cool and somehow helpful. While others lack the elements of what Im really looking forward to. But those days are over since I read about Splashup from a magazine.


Formerly called Fauxto, Splashup is a photo editing site that delivers powerful tools for your own convenience. Created by Faux Labs Inc., this program somehow resembles Adobe Photoshop. Dozens of features can be use that professionals and newbies will surely love. One great feature of this fascinating program is its ability to edit multiple images at once. You can blend, filter, put layer effects on images, experiment on different brushes available and even edit text on it. Also, Splashup integrates seamlessly with top photosharing sites like Picasa, Flickr and Facebook so you can save and upload images easily. Aside from that, even the program has it's own photosharing feature so you can save your work in progress.

So stop dreaming about having Photoshop of your own. Try Splashup to quench your craving for a photo-editing program.

1) Just sign-up on Splashup to get instant access on their free program.
2) Edit your images with dozens of available features.
3) Upload and save your photos on different photosharing site including Splashup's very own feature.