Create Tabs and Menus with Tabs Generator

If you have been satisfied with what Stripe Generator can make for your background then you're going to love Tabs Generator too. From the same people who made Stripe Generator, comes another service that will definitely help you from designing your website or blog.

Tabs Generator will let you create tabs for your blogs and website. There are dozens of style to test, from size to color and even it's curve radius. You can also choose what fill style do you prefer. It's either you have a full-colored background or combination of two colors. Next, you are given the option to choose the orientation of the tabs. It's either to choose top, bottom, left or right position of the tabs you created. That really helps especially for those people who pays much attention on their web or blog design. After you created one, you can now download your tab and it's ready to be used.

Tabs Generator is straight and simple to use. You will never had a hard time making your own. It's something that really give you a better design for your blog and websites.

1) Create your own tabs and menus from Tabs Generator.
2) No need to sign up or anything, you can make your own design in an instant.
3) Enjoy experimenting with dozens of design you can possibly make.


Ada said...

Thanks so much for this, dropping my card from entrecard.