Create Your Own Sitemap with Nomao

Have you tried Google Earth? The program developed by the Google several years ago, that displays maps and sattelite view of the world from above. Even now, I'm still amazed of what it can do and how it changed the whole life of people who already tried it. This kind of innovation from 'do no evil' company, made the world smaller than what we think of it before. Anyway, I found a program called Nomao, that used this innovation on a different way.


Nomao is a free social network program that lets you interact with other users using the Google Earth interface. How does it work? Simply by locating your favorite places on the map. To get started, you need to locate on the map your country, city and exact location. Then you are given the option to place icons that will spot your favorite places. You have to identify also the nature of these places from different available categories like shopping, personal place, dining, night life, your home and others. What I like more, is that you can add descriptions on this marked icons. So your visitors will know a lot about your neighborhood, your lifestyle and everything you want to share to others. It's a way to express your self better and show to your friends, what is life like around you.

Nomao NomaoNomao


Another great feature of Nomao is the event organizer, where you can notify everbody for the event that may takes place near you. Spreading the word to your friends is as easy as click away from your computer. Nomao will ask about 'what, where, when' the event may takes place. So make it a habit to check your friend's pages to get updated on the current happenings nearby. You'll never know, if other people in your neighborhood may have organized a party, games, reunion, meeting or other events that may interest you.

After you spotted all your favorite places you can share your own sitemap to your friends and other members of Nomao. You can put it on your blog too if you want. Nomao provides a highly costumizable widget available on different frame colors and you can edit it on your own preferred sizes. You can either place it on any side of your blog or better, put it on your own sitemap and profile page.

Tired of your old social network program? Try Nomao for a change and see the difference.

1) To get started you need an account on Nomao's free service.
2) Spot your locations with Google Earth interface.
3) Organize an event with Nomao's built-in event organizer.
4) Share your sitemap to your friends and other members.
5) Upload your map on your blog.