Free Photoshop Brushes and Patterns on Brusheezy

If you think vectors from Vecteezy are cool. Here is another website that you will probably find fascinating too. From the same team that managed Vecteezy comes another website that you will surely like.


One of Vecteezy's awesome feature is its unique gallery of vectors created and uploaded by different artists online. Brusheezy, on the other hand, has the same feature but focused on Photoshop designs only. You can find newly made Photoshop brushes and patterns that you can use for your web designing. Of course, this are free to download as long as you follow some guidelines that protected artist's rights for owning their respective designs.


Everyday new Photoshop brushes and patterns are updated. The site claimed to have chosen only the best designs to be added on their gallery. If you are an artist and you think your design deserves to be included on their list, then send your works and be recognized. Aside from that, Brusheezy is an open place to share and communicate with other Photoshop artist online. You can also vote for your favorite designs and give your own reflections and comments too.


So if you learned to like Vecteezy, then there is no reason you're not going to like Brusheezy too. It may have a stupid name but it has cool brushes.

1) No need to sign-up on Brusheezy.
2) Just follow simple guidelines for downloading or uploading your own artworks.
3) Check the site every now and then for their new downloads.


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